Shasta revisited

Shasta, Kerin’s best friend ever, is now 10. I had taken their photos a few years ago and was taken with the bond between the two. I recently got a call from Kerin with some very sad news – Shasta had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Thankfully, I was able to capture more special photos while Shasta is still faring well. It was a bittersweet session. My husband and I had lost our 14 year old Zoe in January and our dogs are part of our family like Kerin and Shasta . . . Also included, Kristen, Kerin’s daughter and Pierre, Shasta’s buddy.

IMG_0020 8x10 pt IMG_0047  8x12 pt IMG_6014 8x12 pt IMG_6021 8x12 pt IMG_6031 8x12 pt IMG_6037 8x12 pt IMG_6051 8x10 pt IMG_0038 8x10 pt

Jacob and Ilana

I had to set aside my role as a family member and put on my photographer’s hat; not an easy task. I hope that through time my sister Bonnie, her daughter Ilana and all the other dear family will look back at these photographs and be stirred by the feelings, emotions and memories they conjure up. I was touched by the wonderful conjoining of two family groups becoming one through the marriage of Ilana from California and Jacob whose family reside in Washington state. For me, this was not work – it was a work of heart.

IMG_0039 8x10 IMG_0053 8x12 pt IMG_0079 12x12 IMG_0119 8x12 pt IMG_5631 8x12 pt IMG_0142 8x10 pt IMG_0177 8x10 pt IMG_0238 8x12 2 pt IMG_0295 8x10 IMG_5725 8x10 pt IMG_5718 8x12 1 IMG_0304 8x12 IMG_0308 8x12 pt IMG_5746 8x10 pt IMG_0316 8x12 pt IMG_0380 8x12 pt IMG_0404 family IMG_0489 8x12 IMG_0492 8x12 pt IMG_0549 8x12 actions IMG_0807 8x12 pt IMG_0816 6x12 pt IMG_0852 8x12 bubs IMG_5937 8x12 pt IMG_0905 8x12 pt IMG_0962 8x12 pt IMG_0589 12x12cake collage final web


Little Laylah Monroe made her appearance 4/15/14 at a whopping 6 lbs 6 oz. This beautiful little girl was only 4 days old the day I took her pictures – I was amazed at how alert she was at such a young age. What a proud mom Jessenya must be having 3 adorable  and unique daughters!

IMG_0258 8x12 pt IMG_0272 8x10 IMG_0168 10x10 IMG_0321 8x10 pt2 IMG_0203 10x10 done IMG_0305 8x10 pt ss IMG_0266 8x10 IMG_0180 16x20 final 001 collage (1)IMG_0197 8x12 bw web

Studio Session with Carly

I have been working on putting a studio together here on our beautiful property in Atascadero. My ever willing model Carly came by to help me give it a test drive. It was getting late and we didn’t have tons of time, but we still managed to get in some fun (and some contemplative) shots. More on the studio opening coming soon!

IMG_0962 pt mine IMG_0974 8x12 pt mine IMG_0981 8x12 pt mine IMG_0984 pt mine IMG_0980 8x12 pt mine IMG_0989 8x12 pt mine IMG_1060 12x12 pt IMG_1065 pt IMG_0991 bw IMG_0998 8x12 pt mine IMG_1118 12x12 pt mine IMG_1125 pt mine IMG_1139 8x12 pt

Jake and Ilana

Perfect autumn day, perfect couple with perfect chemistry! I believe a photographer gets insight when we shoot a couple getting their pictures taken. The ease of being with each other, the spontaneous laughter, the looks shared that a photographer can’t elicit, but only hope to capture as they happen. Ilana and Jake, I believe, have it all – and when I sit here and go through image after image, my belief is totally confirmed. No, life won’t be perfect – but I think they have what it takes to face whatever comes their way with trust, strength, and a bond that won’t be broken.

IMG_0046 12x12 pt IMG_0034 12x12 pt IMG_0075 8x12 pt IMG_0081 8x12 pt IMG_5075 8x12 pt IMG_5076 8x12 IMG_5077 8x12 pt IMG_5047 12x12 pt IMG_0019 8x12 web

IMG_0156 12x12 pt IMG_0210 8x10 topaz IMG_0223 8x12 pt IMG_0283 12x12 pt IMG_0119 web IMG_5095 12x12 IMG_5124 12x12 IMG_5153 8x12 IMG_5160 8x12 ptflare IMG_0297 8x12 pt IMG_0258 8x12 pt IMG_0237 8x12 web IMG_0304 web IMG_0276 8x12 action afterlight IMG_0315 8x12 pt IMG_0145 web

Sargent Family

This family photo shoot was more than just any ordinary photo shoot. Because I’ve known Celeste forever and thus love her honey and their baby bees. Jeremy took her far far away to Oklahoma, so these days it is rare to get to see them in the flesh. Lucky for me, it was time for their family photos – that meant I got to spend extra time with them, and also take some photos that make me look good because they are all so adorable!

IMG_0199 web IMG_0409 web IMG_0438 web IMG_0443 12x12 web IMG_0126 16x20 web IMG_0452 web IMG_0509 pt sunflare levels web IMG_0480 web IMG_0544  web IMG_0181 12x12 flare web IMG_0489 copy 3 IMG_0176 web collage frame web

Christian and Dolores Salgado

There were many highlights to this day, including a reading of their love story from each perspective . . .  But back to the beginning . . . As I turned the bend on 101 towards Pismo, expecting bright blue skies – there before me was the thickest fog I had seen in ages. As a photographer, it made my day, being provided a gigantic softbox knowing that my bride and groom would not be dealing with harsh shadows and contrast from the bright sun. The setting was magical, complete with a gazebo decorated with flowing white material.

IMG_0009 pt IMG_0021 8x12 IMG_0025 8x12 IMG_0029 8x12 IMG_4409 pt IMG_0050 8x10 IMG_4451 8x10 IMG_0376 pt IMG_0393 8x10 IMG_0400 8x12 IMG_4577 12x12 IMG_4606 web IMG_4538 8x12 bw IMG_0010 8x10 IMG_0115 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 IMG_4530 8x10 IMG_0194 8x12