Rain and Thunder Predicted for Today

I don’t love stormy days, except for the fact that they often produce great photo opportunities. So I actually looked forward to  the weather system and going out with my camera.  Well, didn’t happen. Yes, we got the rain – but the sky didn’t cooperate. It turned out to be one of those blah, gray, drizzley kind of rainy days.  We did have a good rainy season here in Central Ca. this year.  And I did get out there with my trusty Canon 20D.  (OK, I know it’s not all about me, and I’m glad for all the rain for the farmers and ranchers and filling the reservoirs and stuff – really I am.)  But anyway, here are two shots from a couple of different systems we experienced recently:



If the skies cooperate, I’ll be going out tomorrow to take pictures of wildflowers in our area. You just never know.  



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