Blessed by Beauty

Shortly before I started the blog, my friend Linda and I had the opportunity to drive down Hwy. 1 from Carmel to Cambria. Sometimes I think I take for granted the beauty of both the area I live in (San Luis Obispo County) and beyond. I am only 45 minutes from Cambria . . . and that world-renowned drive up the coast is an easy day’s drive. I was disappointed that the day we took the drive, the sky wasn’t cloudier to help provide better lighting for taking scenic pictures. I almost discounted some the shots – but I took a second look and decided to share a few.



Being able to capture the spectacular scenery was, as I said, diminished by the flat, mid-day lighting, especially after the clouds dissipated. So it wasn’t until we made a late lunch stop at this little place just south of Big Sur that I had the most fun with my camera that day. 








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