A Girl, a guy, and . . . a dog??

The girl – that would be my daughter Carly . . . the guy – that would be Sherman, her boyfriend . . . and the dog – well, that would be Molly, Carly’s “best friend” (they say a dog is man’s best friend, right . . . ?)

Welcome to some images from the Johnson family’s life. Sherman drove Carly out to San Luis Obispo Co. from Boise, Id. Why? Because Carly was taking flight from the SLO Airport to go to Vienna and Budapest with her dear friend Molly. Where does Molly, the dog (not the friend) come in? Well, Carly’s dad and I agreed to doggy sit (is Molly our grand-doggy??) while she was gone.  This is our first meeting with Sherman, so that is special.  Molly (the dog), too . . .  and she’s not too sure about us . . .

As I write, Carly and her friend Molly (not the dog) are in the skies heading for Vienna. Well, before she left, I cornered Carly and Sherman for a little photo session . . . that’s what I do, right?! 





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