Mike and Cari of Huntington Beach get married in Morro Bay on Nov. 8, 2008

They eloped! Well, sort of . . . Everyone knew they were getting married . . . but they chose to do it their way. They went surfing that morning in Morro Bay and said their vows a few hours later on a windswept gorgeous stretch of beach just up the way from Morro Rock. So far, I just have 3 images to share — a before, a during, and an after. It’s not because I don’t have many to choose from – there are so many great shots of this passionate and joyful couple it’s hard to decide where to start. More to come soon . . .

Cayucos pier.


Barbara Koenig performed the ceremony — yours truly was the witness.

This is possibly my favorite shot of the day.  Yeah.

Is this where I can mention that I have some catching up to do after mega computer problems, like having to have my hard drive re-formatted, etc? Please — not a word from my Mac friends, ok??


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