Grab your camera and take a walk . . .

Friday, January 2, 2009. Rex and I decided we would head down to San Luis Obispo and just walk around and enjoy the afternoon . . . maybe discover some little eatery and I would bring along my camera. I had spotted a really cool tree on Higuera St. the last time I was there and wanted to come back and shoot it with my camera.

So I want to encourage you . . . take your camera and go somewhere and see what you might not always “see”. Shoot and shoot some more. Go home and look at what you found . . . play around with it . . . crop . . . edit . . . whatever . . . have fun!!


It was cold and sort of windy. I am embarrased to say that from here in California . . . it was probably in the 50″s . . . and so we make sure our doggies are protected from the elements . . . like this little guy . . .

These wonderful trees are planted all along Higuera St. Just look up and see the light and shadow and loveliness above the many businesses below . . .

The “famous” bubble gum alley in San Luis Obispo on a rainy day.

A leaf on some steps in the rain . . .

A view down Garden St. on a rainy day . . .


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