Road trip images . . .

I took so many photos on our trip . . . it’s overwhelming,,,where to start. Well — here are a very few random shots to start with.

Sedona, Az., early morning. Who am I to try and capture the color and grandeur of the landscape there??? I’m sure a million others have been there and done that much more successfully than me. It was still amazing to witness first hand . . . something that a camera can barely do justice to.

Yours truly . . . my shadow anyways . . . a witness to the fact that I was there early in the morning, which my friends find hard to believe.

An amazing sight in Sedona. A church built into the side of the mountain.

Prescott, Az. The red color of this building caught my eye against the blueness of the sky. And yes, I quick clicked to catch the person walking at the end of the alley.

Fine Art . . . Prescott, Az.

A view looking down Congress St. in Austin, Tx. The capitol building is at the dead end way down the way there.


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