Back to my road trip . . .

I’ve got a lot of projects going on, but last night I took some time and delved back into my road trip folder just for fun . . . 

We hit a lot of places on our way from the Central Coast of Calif. to Austin, Tx. It was sort of a matter of so little time, so many photographs waiting to happen. So shooting was a matter of hit or miss, with lots of variety from buildings to beer bottles and whatever fell in between . . .

After Sedona and Prescott, we thought we’d find some photo ops around Tucson . . . but not much luck. But as we were waiting for Linda to find some brochures, I looked up and spotted a building that captured my attention. Kind of makes your eyes wiggle . . .




Before we headed out of town we made a stop at a mission church. The lighting wasn’t right for exterior shots, but I did get an interesting shot of the interior.


We headed for Las Cruces, N.M. and heard about an old part of town known as Mesilla. So we got up before the crack of down to try and get some good early morning light. It was freezing collllllld, but I had a great time wandering around the little streets and running into everything from a picturesque chapel to a beer bottle . . .







Little leftovers the morning after the night before . . .


This little village consists of really old buildings that are now being used for shops, restaurants and such. I think this was a clothing store.


Now this I call a cactus garden!!



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