boston terriers . . .

Since I have a boston terrier, I’m a little bit biased toward them . . . I recently had a photo shoot where the couple owned two bostons. So of course while I was there I took a few shots of them. It’s funny, they are both like my Bella in that they didn’t like having their picture taken. That got me thinking I would share some boston shots I’ve taken along the way.

And by the way, Bella has her own page on facebook now called “life with bella”. She already has 27 fans!

I’ll start with Yoda, the 15 year old gentleman who is deaf and as gray as a little old 80 year old man.

Sophie is 1 1/2 and full of energy, but you’d never know it here. As soon as I pointed the camera at her she started to pout.

I was recently taking pictures at Atascadero Lake. I thought I would try to take a nice photo of Bella. I’ve never seen a dog who dislikes having her picture taken as much as she does! It would have been a nice picture if she would have stopped pouting and squinting her eyes . . .

Is this a boston terrier thing or what? It looks like Bella and Sophie have been hanging out together.

Once in a while we can trick Bella and get a good shot . . .


She loves the beach so much she forgets I have the camera.

My friend Teri who owns Bella’s sister Tinker held a Boston T Party. If you haven’t been around them, they are fun, fun-loving little dogs and have the ability to bring laughter wherever they go.




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