hip hop

This is the third year that I have been involved with the social services dept. of San Luis Obispo county as a volunteer photographer in projects designed to bring awareness about foster care. The first year we donated 16×20 prints of the foster child assigned to each of us which were then displayed at the art center and entitled the Heart Gallery.

Last year we took pictures of foster kids that were made into a calendar, and that is what we are doing again this year. I got a very fun assignment of photographing Rosey, who loves dancing, having a hip hop dance lesson at Street Heat Dance Co.

The owner, Heidi Asefvaziri, was great! Not only did she arrange a special session for Rosey, but also gave her a pair of shoes to hip hop in. If you or someone you know has had a desire to learn this fun dance, be sure and give Heidi a call at 805.234.2089. Her website is http://www.streetheatdanceco.com.

Here is a shot of Heidi. If you want to see Rosey’s photos, be sure and get the upcoming calendar.


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