Mailie and Brad Hasseler

I’ve been agonizing over the fact that I can’t find a way to import all my images from my blog at squarespace to my new photoblog here at wordpress, hence I’ve been inactive for a while.

No better way to jump back in than to share some images from my last wedding. I drove 3 1/2 hours to Turlock where the family put me up at a great hotel for two nights. It was an adventure and I saw some very interesting sights along the way. What a joy to work with the Maness and Hasseler families! Mailie’s mom Sandie is an angel who never lost her cool through all the working out of details. There was a schedule, but the wedding day went according to its own, and everyone had a great time!

I feel so lucky that I do something that I love! This is not a job! I get to know some great people, observe many touching and intimate moments, and record them as they happen. I get instantly immersed in the lives of people who beforehand were strangers. I see the laughter, the joy, the tears. I get to hear stories told, some hilarious and some touching. I get to watch the letting go between parents and their children, but also the joining together of two families through the unique love of two people.  Wow!!

My goal is to record visually all of the above and more. That through the years the images will evoke the feelings felt on that special wedding day.

Mailie was delighted when she first spotted her bouquet – beautiful, colorful calla lilies.

Sandi surprised Mailie with the gift of her grandmother's ring!

Mailie's sister made the beautiful hair ornaments for all the bridesmaids.

Brad and Mailie chose to meet privately before the ceremony. He wasn’t allowed to see his bride until she was ready for him to turn around.

Time to head out to get the group photos before the ceremony.

What a fun loving bunch of people!!

The reception room was decorated beautifully in a style that reflected the love of the outdoors of both the bride and groom.

I love this shot! After the ceremony, Brad, Mailie, and the bridal party ended up in the ready room before making their entrance into the reception room.  Brad and Mailie just sat down and were in their own litttle world . . .

The first dance!

The father daughter dance.

Go to to see the images that go with the following posts. I’ve been unable to import them over here to wordpress so far. (If anyone can help me with that, it would be great!)


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