rainy days and photoshop

Between the sketchy weather and a lot of intensive work I’m doing to create a new website – http://thedonjon.zenfolio.com – and my new photoblog here at wordpress. . . well I haven’t gotten out to do much shooting lately.
We did have a break in the weather the day we went out with our friends to Eberle Winery for a private tour and tasting. I did bring my camera along and got in a few shots here and there.
Ricky and Kate – newly-weds and great friends – Kate, long term and Ricky, for sure, will be some day too!

One of Eberle’s new wines is called Up Shiraz, which if said properly kind of sounds like up your ____.  Well, it sounds cute if you’ve been tasting wine. Kate brought home a little memento . . . she’s pointing at her hat – not her nose.

We were led through the caves that Eberle Winery is known for, learning about kegs, wines, and more interesting facts along the way. We ended up in this intimate dining area to experience the wines, tasty cheeses, and Mo’s (our guide) witty sense of humor.

The view towards a private dining area.

Now, back to work on more technical things . . .


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