more photoshop phun

My friend . . . well, he’s like a son . . . Nathan is making a new cd.  He asked if I could help with the album cover. With all this rain, it was perfect timing. The name of the album is supernova, and his group is called Naffty. He found a graffiti font he really liked, sent me a photo he wanted to use (he lives across the country from me) — I found an image from space — and then put it all together. I can’t wait till his cd comes out soon. Look for him on YouTube under TheNaffty.

The background. I could have placed a star in his hand, but I decided to flip the image (#2) so that the lighter part would be behind his head and I could use the star in the photo to look like it is in his hand. I just had to stretch the bottom out for more space (# 3).

I took the photo he sent me and put it as a layer under the space photo. I used a blending mode and did some erasing until his body showed through the way I wanted it to.

I then used his font to write out “supernova”. I played around with effects until it stood out from against the background enough. Then I added “Naffty” and used control T and warped it after also using some effects on the text. Sorry about my terminology – I’m not a ps guru . . . I just like to play around until I get a look that I want. Here is the final result.

Here is a preview from the new album!


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