Keith and Annike vows in Pismo

I only spent about 4 hours with Annike, Keith and their family and friends – but I left feeling like one of the group. The bride and groom are both full of life, full of love and full of fun – and they have a way of making everyone feel like they’re along for the ride! And I got to see Aaron and Cristin there, whose wedding I had shot almost two years ago – now with a darling little girl added to their family.

One of Annike’s best friends did her hair and make-up – they are two peas in a pod!

It’s a family affair – Annike’s cousin was their officiant.


The beautiful bride!

This couple not only love each other – they like each other.  They’ve known each other since kindergarten – went their separate ways after school – and then met each other again two years ago – Love at first sight, the second time around!

Next stop – the reception . . .
Refreshing make-up before the grand entrance – Keith is “helping”.

Big boys don’t cry — Not.  Keith is a big, tough looking guy with a soft heart.

Annike and her mother – mother daughter dance. Annike’s mom is very ill, and this dance was Very special for both of them.

Yes – I predict a long, happy, loving life together for Keith, Annike, and their kids.


4 comments on “Keith and Annike vows in Pismo

  1. You have caught special heart felt moments in the lives of this bride and groom that will be a part of them, friends and family for decades. Wedding photography is in your blood. Can’t wait to see more of your pictures from this wedding. I know you have lots to see. Cheers!

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