Nicole and Roger

Nicole and Roger choose to have a small, intimate ceremony on a beach in Cayucos, Ca.  I was sweating it because rain was predicted for that Sunday in May – but Nicole was certain it wouldn’t – and her prediction held true! The weather definitely produced a spectacular sky which helped give an epic quality to the photos. The reception was held at Robin’s in Cambria in a covered patio with an amazing garden area. Here are just a few of many photos taken that day.

Nicole and her father, Roy as they head down the "aisle".

Nature's backdrop.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Nicole's mother Norma helped participate in a sand ceremony.

Husband and wife.

A field on a bluff above the beach.

Reception at Robin's - beautiful garden and delicious food!


2 comments on “Nicole and Roger

  1. These are amazing Donna!!!! thankyou so much! wow! the clouds were beautiful! and you really captured them in the best way!

  2. So good to see these beautiful pictures. It is really nice when you get such beautiful weather and that awesome cloud. I’m sure this couple will always be grateful to you for documenting their special day in your wonderful way.

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