Wedding Music – Tips and Tricks

Be sure and check out my new page here – Wedding Music. I will be adding to it as I come across more music.

Also be sure and check out Tips and Tricks where I will add links for all kinds of help with wedding ideas and portrait ideas.

Here is a quick tip for help planning time for your group shots. Think about who you want included – then plan out the groupings. You probably want to start with the largest group and then keep whittling them down to the smallest. Write each group down on paper. Next – think of someone in your party who knows most of the people in the groups and who is good at commanding attention and ask them to be in charge of calling out each group. Give the people in the group a heads up on the timeline. You would be surprised how chaotic things can get after the ceremony.  One more thing – it helps to have arranged hors d’oeuvres  and beverages for the people who will be waiting while the photos are being taken.


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