Leader Family Reunion

Brian and Linda arranged for their 5 kids, their wives, and their children to all meet up at the Taft Barn in Atascadero, Ca. Especially because their daughter Jen, her husband Michael and their 3 adorable boys were visiting from Michael’s homeland – Australia. Maybe the ultimate challenge for a photographer is a huge family grouping – but there was such a great camaraderie amongst this family that it made my time with them a great pleasure!

IMG_9976 8x10

IMG_9983 8x10

IMG_0043 8x10

IMG_0110 8x10

IMG_0181 8x12

IMG_0196 8x12 ps bms etc

IMG_0187 8x12

IMG_9968 10x10

IMG_0308 8x10 4

IMG_9991 8x12

IMG_0291  10x10 v2

IMG_0269 10x10

IMG_0344 8x12 pe

IMG_0207 8x10 pt overlay

I realized that many of the photos from this session epitomize who I am as a photographer. I strive to capture the heart of who people are – not direct people to put on a “smile for the camera”. I don’t want to come away with a series of pictures of people who performed for the photographer – I want to portray people in moments as they interact with each other. And that they will be left with  pictures that years later will evoke emotions and feelings and special memories of their times together.


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