baby Emmett

In the midst of so many weddings, along comes baby Emmett – and we can’t hold off taking pics of him as a newborn, right? So, hold on, newlyweds, here is baby Emmett, along with his 2 (two!) little brothers, his gramma and his momma, Amy.

IMG_0454 12x12 bw_1 IMG_0469 8x12_1 IMG_0478 8x12_1 IMG_0493 8x12_1 IMG_0497 8x12_1 IMG_0513 8x12_1 IMG_0516 12x12_1 IMG_0523 8x12_1 IMG_0540 8x12_1 IMG_0567 12x12_1 IMG_0570 12x12_1 IMG_0610 8x12_1 IMG_0641 8x12_1 IMG_0525 12x12_1


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