Mariika and Leo

Mariika and Leo were married in the gorgeous huge lawn area at the home of Leo’s parents in Atascadero. I loved how very family-oriented the event was – I don’t think I’ve seen so many generations from the children to great-grandparents . . . aunts, uncles, cousins, and on and on. Mariika’s mom hand-made all the distinctly unique bouquets and boutonnieres. They even encouraged everyone to choose a seat and not a side as they witnessed the union of two lives joining together. As the day turned into evening it became more and more chilly – but that didn’t deter anyone from enjoying all the festivities of the joyous celebration.

IMG_0117 8x12 IMG_0133 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 pt IMG_3351 8x12 IMG_3264 8x12 IMG_3309 12x12 bw IMG_3360 pt IMG_3341 8x12 IMG_0160 8x12 IMG_3238 8x12 IMG_3363 8x12 IMG_0344 8x12 IMG_3515 8x12 IMG_3446 12x12 IMG_3519 12x12 IMG_3479 12x12 IMG_3549 12x12 IMG_0382 8x12 IMG_0420 8x12 IMG_3595 8x12 IMG_0470 8x12 IMG_0569 8x12 IMG_0606 12x12 IMG_0620 8x10 IMG_0589 8x12 IMG_0625 8x12 IMG_3661 12x12 IMG_3389 8x12


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