Catherine and Zachary Mission Wedding

Aunt Debbie Santucci gave me a call when she got the news that her niece was getting married (sort of out of the blue . . .). Not much notice, but Aunt Debbie made sure that Catherine and Zachary would have a professional photographer to record their special day. They were getting married on a Thursday, and then Zachary was being deployed to South Korea on Sunday, so there was a certain poignancy to the event. I loved the story I heard of their meeting in high school and then here they were getting married at 19 and 20. Ahh, young love!

IMG_3756 pt IMG_0025 8x12 IMG_0041 8x12 bw IMG_0043 8x12 bw IMG_0046 8x12 bw IMG_0047 8x12 bw IMG_0058 8x12 IMG_0070 8x12 IMG_0125 8x12 pt IMG_0131 8x12 pt IMG_0191 12x12 IMG_0197 12x12 IMG_0232 8x12 IMG_0237 8x12 pt IMG_3778 8x12 IMG_0241 8x12 IMG_0256 8x12 IMG_0282 8x12 IMG_0357 8x12 IMG_0279 8x12 cake pics 16x16 copy


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