Jacob and Ilana

I had to set aside my role as a family member and put on my photographer’s hat; not an easy task. I hope that through time my sister Bonnie, her daughter Ilana and all the other dear family will look back at these photographs and be stirred by the feelings, emotions and memories they conjure up. I was touched by the wonderful conjoining of two family groups becoming one through the marriage of Ilana from California and Jacob whose family reside in Washington state. For me, this was not work – it was a work of heart.

IMG_0039 8x10 IMG_0053 8x12 pt IMG_0079 12x12 IMG_0119 8x12 pt IMG_5631 8x12 pt IMG_0142 8x10 pt IMG_0177 8x10 pt IMG_0238 8x12 2 pt IMG_0295 8x10 IMG_5725 8x10 pt IMG_5718 8x12 1 IMG_0304 8x12 IMG_0308 8x12 pt IMG_5746 8x10 pt IMG_0316 8x12 pt IMG_0380 8x12 pt IMG_0404 family IMG_0489 8x12 IMG_0492 8x12 pt IMG_0549 8x12 actions IMG_0807 8x12 pt IMG_0816 6x12 pt IMG_0852 8x12 bubs IMG_5937 8x12 pt IMG_0905 8x12 pt IMG_0962 8x12 pt IMG_0589 12x12cake collage final web


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