Shasta revisited

Shasta, Kerin’s best friend ever, is now 10. I had taken their photos a few years ago and was taken with the bond between the two. I recently got a call from Kerin with some very sad news – Shasta had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Thankfully, I was able to capture more special photos while Shasta is still faring well. It was a bittersweet session. My husband and I had lost our 14 year old Zoe in January and our dogs are part of our family like Kerin and Shasta . . . Also included, Kristen, Kerin’s daughter and Pierre, Shasta’s buddy.

IMG_0020 8x10 pt IMG_0047  8x12 pt IMG_6014 8x12 pt IMG_6021 8x12 pt IMG_6031 8x12 pt IMG_6037 8x12 pt IMG_6051 8x10 pt IMG_0038 8x10 pt


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