Herding Dogs

Teri and Justy Garcin live on hundreds of acres east of Santa Maria, Ca. where they raise cattle, horses, and herding dogs – mcnabs and mcnab/border collies. I recently spent some time there to take pictures of the latest litter of puppies and to try and capture some of the dogs doing what they are good at: herding, working and playing. It was a joy to ride along with Teri in her ATV through their gorgeous property and snap away with my camera.  As well as raising great dogs, Teri also takes in rescues and works to re-home them. You can check out the website here – Hidden Highlands Ranch

IMG_0272 8x12 pt IMG_0239 8x10 pt IMG_0232 8x10 pt IMG_0259 8x10 pt IMG_0256 8x10 IMG_0148 8x12 pt IMG_0152 8x12 pt IMG_0155 8x12 IMG_0185 8x12 pt IMG_0202 8x12 pt IMG_0204 8x12 pt IMG_0287 8x10 pt IMG_0302 8x12 pt IMG_0347 8x12 pt IMG_6109 8x10 pt IMG_6078 crop pt IMG_0409 8x12 pt


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