I live in a tiny house on the side of a hill. When I look out the windows, it looks like I live in the treetops of the beautiful oaks of Atascadero, Ca.
In a nutshell. Daughter graduated. I went back to school. Rediscovered photography. Fell in love.
Through a series of random events, I have been able to hang out my shingle: Weddings, seniors, portraits, art prints, etc.
I have an awesome husband,Rex,  my daughter Carly who is a best friend and two boston terriers who help keep me laughing. And they all love me in spite of my imperfections!

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift

My favorite subject is people. Everyone is a canvas and every moment passes and is gone forever. My euphoria comes when I click and capture the essence of the person in that one and only space in time.

Me: playful . . . sentimental . . . romantic . . . attentive . . . artistic . . . intuitive . . . I don’t carry a book of poses – I run on inspiration. Every event, every session has it’s own unique flavor and I don’t want to get in the way. It’s more scary that way, but it’s worth the ride!

I not only love taking pictures – I love restoring old family photos; helping to preserve them for future generations. Creating slideshows set to music is one of my favorite things to do. I make them from photos I’ve taken or from your photo albums, including old restored photos. Show them at anniversary parties, wedding receptions, or at home any time you want to watch them. How about a child’s lifetime of memories in sequence, or sharing photos of a life well lived at a memorial service.
I also custom design lay-flat digital photobooks, which can also display quotes and text.
I have a number of reviews on my yp reviews page. Please use this link to view them: http://www.yellowpages.com/atascadero-ca/mip/donna-johnson-photography-461725780?lid=461725780#business-reviews


3 comments on “About

  1. I love people too and love photography! I don’t know much about photography but love to take pictures everyday and try to make them creative. I use my phone and would love to have a camera one day when I get more money. Thank you for sharing your beauty and skills with the world! ❤

    • I didn’t start learning more about photography until my daughter graduated from high school. I started taking classes at the local jr. college. Please pursue your dream of photography. If you follow your dreams, the reality will follow.

      • Thank You!! When I get a better paying job I plan to get a camera and take classes to learn more about it. Photography is one of my greatest passions, I love looking at people’s photos and taking my own. Thank you for your encouragement! 😀

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