Glimpses of Venice Beach

I finally had the opportunity to visit Venice Beach, Ca. Unfortunately my time was limited, so I was only there for about an hour. I wish there was some way to convey my experience besides the photos I took.

There is an energy that pervades the atmosphere. Music emanates from the storefronts. People eating, walking, talking, be-bopping, watching, entertaining, riding, dancing, playing, hanging out – this was just a slice of the energy of people converging in a space that invites us, all of us, to an experience of openness and freedom of expression.

It was a perfect summery late afternoon that invited me to join in. My favorite parts . . . walking along the boardwalk, making contact with a fellow free spirit and dancing our way down a ways to the music – and encountering a group apparently making a music video. I observed the gamut from Muscle Beach enthusiasts to art forms of various types.

And many thanks to my bff Cathrine for accompanying me and helping support me in my difficulties navigating from the parking area and back. Oh, and who has a building dedicated to the love of someone named Werner across from the parking area one block from the beach?! Simone, I hope your love story continues on.

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Glimpses of Venice Beach


Capturing Clouds in California

A cloudy day around here for a photographer is like a ufo sighting – we have to run out and see if we can capture a shot! So on 2-28-15 I took off on my trusty steed down Hwy. 41 E. Perfect time of year because the grasses are still green, and that doesn’t last long around here. A sky full of puffy clouds can turn a mundane country road view into something a bit magical.

clouds, country, country roads, cloudy sky

Cloudy day in San Luis Obispo County, Feb. 2015

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Hwy. 41. E., clouds, cloudy day, landscape photography,

Cloudy Day in San Luis Obispo County, 2-2015

Christian and Dolores Salgado

There were many highlights to this day, including a reading of their love story from each perspective . . .  But back to the beginning . . . As I turned the bend on 101 towards Pismo, expecting bright blue skies – there before me was the thickest fog I had seen in ages. As a photographer, it made my day, being provided a gigantic softbox knowing that my bride and groom would not be dealing with harsh shadows and contrast from the bright sun. The setting was magical, complete with a gazebo decorated with flowing white material.

IMG_0009 pt IMG_0021 8x12 IMG_0025 8x12 IMG_0029 8x12 IMG_4409 pt IMG_0050 8x10 IMG_4451 8x10 IMG_0376 pt IMG_0393 8x10 IMG_0400 8x12 IMG_4577 12x12 IMG_4606 web IMG_4538 8x12 bw IMG_0010 8x10 IMG_0115 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 IMG_4530 8x10 IMG_0194 8x12

Mariika and Leo

Mariika and Leo were married in the gorgeous huge lawn area at the home of Leo’s parents in Atascadero. I loved how very family-oriented the event was – I don’t think I’ve seen so many generations from the children to great-grandparents . . . aunts, uncles, cousins, and on and on. Mariika’s mom hand-made all the distinctly unique bouquets and boutonnieres. They even encouraged everyone to choose a seat and not a side as they witnessed the union of two lives joining together. As the day turned into evening it became more and more chilly – but that didn’t deter anyone from enjoying all the festivities of the joyous celebration.

IMG_0117 8x12 IMG_0133 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 pt IMG_3351 8x12 IMG_3264 8x12 IMG_3309 12x12 bw IMG_3360 pt IMG_3341 8x12 IMG_0160 8x12 IMG_3238 8x12 IMG_3363 8x12 IMG_0344 8x12 IMG_3515 8x12 IMG_3446 12x12 IMG_3519 12x12 IMG_3479 12x12 IMG_3549 12x12 IMG_0382 8x12 IMG_0420 8x12 IMG_3595 8x12 IMG_0470 8x12 IMG_0569 8x12 IMG_0606 12x12 IMG_0620 8x10 IMG_0589 8x12 IMG_0625 8x12 IMG_3661 12x12 IMG_3389 8x12

Tony and Brooke – Luxury in the country.

Brooke and her wedding party stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero where they got ready for the big day, and then departed in a stretch limo fully stocked with adult beverages and more from Paradise Limousine Co. They rode in air conditioned comfort out to the venue, The Loading Chute in Creston. The searing temperatures didn’t dampen the joy and exuberance of their celebration of marriage and the festivities that followed.

IMG_2776 from raw IMG_3312 8x12 IMG_3325 8x12 IMG_3332 8x10 IMG_3337 8x12 IMG_3344 8x12 IMG_2780 8x12 IMG_3404 8x12 IMG_3692 8x12 IMG_3421 8x12 IMG_3426 8x12 IMG_3427 8x12 IMG_3434 8x12 IMG_3442 8x12 IMG_3837 8x12 IMG_3850 8x12 IMG_3825 8x12 IMG_3829 8x12

Leader Family Reunion

Brian and Linda arranged for their 5 kids, their wives, and their children to all meet up at the Taft Barn in Atascadero, Ca. Especially because their daughter Jen, her husband Michael and their 3 adorable boys were visiting from Michael’s homeland – Australia. Maybe the ultimate challenge for a photographer is a huge family grouping – but there was such a great camaraderie amongst this family that it made my time with them a great pleasure!

IMG_9976 8x10

IMG_9983 8x10

IMG_0043 8x10

IMG_0110 8x10

IMG_0181 8x12

IMG_0196 8x12 ps bms etc

IMG_0187 8x12

IMG_9968 10x10

IMG_0308 8x10 4

IMG_9991 8x12

IMG_0291  10x10 v2

IMG_0269 10x10

IMG_0344 8x12 pe

IMG_0207 8x10 pt overlay

I realized that many of the photos from this session epitomize who I am as a photographer. I strive to capture the heart of who people are – not direct people to put on a “smile for the camera”. I don’t want to come away with a series of pictures of people who performed for the photographer – I want to portray people in moments as they interact with each other. And that they will be left with  pictures that years later will evoke emotions and feelings and special memories of their times together.

Tawny and Bob

Tawny and Bob chose to have a small, intimate wedding at her parent’s beautiful victorian house in Paso Robles. Everything was perfect from the weather to the setting to the vows which touched hearts to the delicious brunch served up by Chef Jeff.  By 2:00 they were off for Yosemite which I’ve heard is the most beautiful it’s been in years.

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