Photographer’s Day Off

I’ve been on a long break as I recover from surgery. Sometimes I have a hard time going out for a fun time, feeling like I must bring my big camera and equipment and aim for perfection. Luckily I was able to just bring my little point and shoot to capture our puppy’s first day at the beach. We didn’t stay too long because it was windy and damp and chilly at the dog beach, but I got a few fun shots. One downfall of point and shoots is that you can’t see the screen very well in bright sunlight which means sometimes you just have to aim and shoot and hope you captured something worth keeping. Chill, our almost 6 month old puppy had a blast. I would have to call him fearless, fassst and a fan of trying to chase seagulls flying overhead. I didn’t get many shots of our other fur babies, but I had to shoot Jimi with a face covered with sand. He doesn’t care, he is such a ball chasing maniac!P1000992 4x3P1010001 4x3P1010003 3x4P1010010 4x3P1010011 compositeP1010012 4x3P1010016 4x3P1010018 4x3P1010023 4x3P1010025 4x3 On the way to Morro Bay the dogs were full of anticipation – on the way home they were blissful with memories of sand, sea and chasing balls and seagulls (only flying overhead.)                                                                                                                                    p.s.: Can you guess which photo I photoshopped?


Herding Dogs

Teri and Justy Garcin live on hundreds of acres east of Santa Maria, Ca. where they raise cattle, horses, and herding dogs – mcnabs and mcnab/border collies. I recently spent some time there to take pictures of the latest litter of puppies and to try and capture some of the dogs doing what they are good at: herding, working and playing. It was a joy to ride along with Teri in her ATV through their gorgeous property and snap away with my camera.  As well as raising great dogs, Teri also takes in rescues and works to re-home them. You can check out the website here – Hidden Highlands Ranch

IMG_0272 8x12 pt IMG_0239 8x10 pt IMG_0232 8x10 pt IMG_0259 8x10 pt IMG_0256 8x10 IMG_0148 8x12 pt IMG_0152 8x12 pt IMG_0155 8x12 IMG_0185 8x12 pt IMG_0202 8x12 pt IMG_0204 8x12 pt IMG_0287 8x10 pt IMG_0302 8x12 pt IMG_0347 8x12 pt IMG_6109 8x10 pt IMG_6078 crop pt IMG_0409 8x12 pt

parker the puppy

I got to have a little mini portrait session with my doggy-nephew, Parker. He is a mixed breed and we go around trying to figure what’s in the mix – so far maybe chihuahua and dachshund? Someone threw french bulldog in there – but I don’t see it. But regardless of his heritage – he is seriously the most adorable little guy – personality plus. He’s only 4 mos. old and he’s already totally potty trained, fetches and gives kisses. Do I sound like a proud auntie??