Senior Photos in San Miguel

I was told Beau was the quiet sort, kind of shy. But he was a natural in front of the camera and I was able to capture some super shots!



Senior Photos in Morro Bay

After a mix-up on where we were supposed to meet, we got a bit behind but still got some nice shots before we lost the sun. We were both troopers, trudging around the dunes on a cold, damp, windy late afternoon. You could hardly guess from Vanesa’s calm demeanor and sweet smiles.

IMG_7971 pt 12x8 IMG_7978 pt 8x12 IMG_7985 8x12 IMG_7987 8x12 IMG_8005 pt 12x8 levels IMG_0032 pt gtg IMG_0076 8x10 IMG_8009 10x8 IMG_8024 pt 12x8 IMG_8034 8x12