Eddie, aka Special Ed

What a special little guy. Not only cute and adorable, but a perfect subject. I’m lovin’ pet photography!

IMG_0955 quote fb


Ben and Loren

I always like to meet with potential clients and get to know them and get a good idea of what they are looking for in their photos. In this case, I was only able to speak with Ben by phone before the session. I was most pleasantly surprised to welcome them into my studio when they arrived and feel immediately good about our rapport.  I like to connect with my clients and make a photo session a fun and relaxed experience. So after chatting a bit, we turned up the music and got started. I was very impressed with their ease and intuitive manner in front of the camera. Before we knew it, we were finished and we enjoyed some more chatting before they headed out.

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Studio Session with Carly

I have been working on putting a studio together here on our beautiful property in Atascadero. My ever willing model Carly came by to help me give it a test drive. It was getting late and we didn’t have tons of time, but we still managed to get in some fun (and some contemplative) shots. More on the studio opening coming soon!

IMG_0962 pt mine IMG_0974 8x12 pt mine IMG_0981 8x12 pt mine IMG_0984 pt mine IMG_0980 8x12 pt mine IMG_0989 8x12 pt mine IMG_1060 12x12 pt IMG_1065 pt IMG_0991 bw IMG_0998 8x12 pt mine IMG_1118 12x12 pt mine IMG_1125 pt mine IMG_1139 8x12 pt