Jacob and Ilana

I had to set aside my role as a family member and put on my photographer’s hat; not an easy task. I hope that through time my sister Bonnie, her daughter Ilana and all the other dear family will look back at these photographs and be stirred by the feelings, emotions and memories they conjure up. I was touched by the wonderful conjoining of two family groups becoming one through the marriage of Ilana from California and Jacob whose family reside in Washington state. For me, this was not work – it was a work of heart.

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Christian and Dolores Salgado

There were many highlights to this day, including a reading of their love story from each perspective . . .  But back to the beginning . . . As I turned the bend on 101 towards Pismo, expecting bright blue skies – there before me was the thickest fog I had seen in ages. As a photographer, it made my day, being provided a gigantic softbox knowing that my bride and groom would not be dealing with harsh shadows and contrast from the bright sun. The setting was magical, complete with a gazebo decorated with flowing white material.

IMG_0009 pt IMG_0021 8x12 IMG_0025 8x12 IMG_0029 8x12 IMG_4409 pt IMG_0050 8x10 IMG_4451 8x10 IMG_0376 pt IMG_0393 8x10 IMG_0400 8x12 IMG_4577 12x12 IMG_4606 web IMG_4538 8x12 bw IMG_0010 8x10 IMG_0115 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 IMG_4530 8x10 IMG_0194 8x12

Mariika and Leo

Mariika and Leo were married in the gorgeous huge lawn area at the home of Leo’s parents in Atascadero. I loved how very family-oriented the event was – I don’t think I’ve seen so many generations from the children to great-grandparents . . . aunts, uncles, cousins, and on and on. Mariika’s mom hand-made all the distinctly unique bouquets and boutonnieres. They even encouraged everyone to choose a seat and not a side as they witnessed the union of two lives joining together. As the day turned into evening it became more and more chilly – but that didn’t deter anyone from enjoying all the festivities of the joyous celebration.

IMG_0117 8x12 IMG_0133 8x12 IMG_0171 8x12 pt IMG_3351 8x12 IMG_3264 8x12 IMG_3309 12x12 bw IMG_3360 pt IMG_3341 8x12 IMG_0160 8x12 IMG_3238 8x12 IMG_3363 8x12 IMG_0344 8x12 IMG_3515 8x12 IMG_3446 12x12 IMG_3519 12x12 IMG_3479 12x12 IMG_3549 12x12 IMG_0382 8x12 IMG_0420 8x12 IMG_3595 8x12 IMG_0470 8x12 IMG_0569 8x12 IMG_0606 12x12 IMG_0620 8x10 IMG_0589 8x12 IMG_0625 8x12 IMG_3661 12x12 IMG_3389 8x12

Luis and Vaneza

Luis and Vaneza said their vows in a room full of friends and family from far and wide (as far as Germany!) After the ceremony they made their way to Shell Beach Dinosaur Caves Park in the coolest 58 Chevy for a photo session overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. Then, on to the iconic Madonna Inn for a reception that included lots of dancing, toasts, and even a Mariachi Band. A highlight of the evening was when the mothers came forward and shared special words and prayers, along with a few tears.

IMG_2220 8x12IMG_2258 8x12IMG_2024 8x12 bwIMG_2268 8x12IMG_2263 from rawIMG_2051 8x12IMG_2318 8x12IMG_2342 8x12IMG_2359 8x12IMG_2363 8x12IMG_2195 8x12IMG_2173 8x12IMG_2232. 8x12IMG_2311 8x12IMG_2340 8x12IMG_2344 8x12IMG_2284 8x12 bwIMG_2365 8x12IMG_2444 8x12IMG_2452 8x12IMG_2240 8x10IMG_2243 8x12IMG_2244 8x12IMG_2791 8x12IMG_2799 8x12IMG_2811 from rawIMG_2820 8x12IMG_2824 8x12IMG_2686 ptIMG_2233 8x10 web

Elopement in San Simeon

As filmmakers who have been making films and programs showcasing the beauty and wonder of the natural world, it’s no surprise that Sally and David chose the rugged beauty of Hearst Beach in San Simeon, Ca. to exchange their vows. The ceremony was simple, yet full of meaning as they combined traditions of her Jewish heritage and his Italian roots. I loved my position as their photographer, recording images of two people very much in love proclaiming their love and devotion to one another on a picture perfect day that seemed made to order.

IMG_2673 8x12IMG_2685 8x12IMG_2693 8x12IMG_2897 8x12IMG_2905 8x12IMG_2910 12x12 bwIMG_2918 8x12IMG_2921 ptIMG_2925 from rawIMG_2928 ptIMG_2932 bwIMG_2933 12x12 bwIMG_2951 8x12IMG_2945 8x12IMG_2971 8x12IMG_2973 8x12IMG_2709 8x12 pt2IMG_2709 8x12 bwIMG_2714 8x12 copybwIMG_2717 8x12 bwIMG_2739 8x12IMG_2756 ptIMG_2761 12x12IMG_2723

IMG_2990 8x12 web

You can learn more about David and Sally’s documentaries at Backcountry Pictures

Wedding Dress Hanger!!!

Pretty dress on plastic hanger.



















As a wedding photographer, I come across many situations where the bride/groom weren’t aware of certain things — and I love the opportunity to help out by pointing out things, like, for instance, the positioning of the wedding arch (like – where will the sun be . . . what is in the background . . . ).

Something that I’ve been noticing is that many wedding dresses get picked up and brought to the dressing room on a generic hanger – and often times it is in a hotel room with no other choices.  SO.  Put it on your list of things to do . . . find a pretty hanger!

There are lots of places on line where they can be found. Here is just one link: