I took Olivia’s sister’s photos at the same age, around 6 months old. How fun it was to compare the two adorable little girls.


IMG_0150 8x10 pt



IMG_0180 12x12



The last photo is big sister Kaylee, now 3. It is so fun watching them grow!


Kaylee at One Year Old

Little Kaylee came by for her one year old session . . . with her parent’s hopes that she was over her cold bug. You know how it goes with little ones – seems like they are getting well one day, and then the next, not so much. Mom was feeling like it didn’t go very well – but we did get some good shots of this sweet, adorable little girl.

IMG_8403 12x12 pt butterfly

Baby Natalia

The parents weren’t able to get “newborn” photos, but one month old Natalia was still tiny, petite and no doubting that she is a girl with that adorable pixie face. She wasn’t always too sure about this strange person aiming a scary black box at her, but we managed to capture enough pictures of her and her doting parents. Here are just a few.

baby collage IMG_7908 8x12 IMG_7765 8x12 IMG_7799 12x12 IMG_7825 8x12 IMG_7769 8x12 IMG_7871 12x12 IMG_7885 8x12 IMG_7914 8x12 IMG_7826 8x12 natalia collage web

Jones Family

This is the perfect time of year to photograph here on my property in west Atascadero with all the beautiful greenery surrounding us. Little Connor had plenty of energy as we traipsed around here and there – and he was so excited to see the little tractor, as he Loves trucks and tractors! Two month old Julia was so adorable, and there is definitely no mistaking her for a little girl. Abby did a great job choosing the perfect coordinating clothing, and Ryan was a great sport as we wandered around looking for the perfect spots for the pictures.

IMG_0463 pt IMG_6676 pt 16x20 IMG_0409 12x12 pt swing kiss 16x24 1 IMG_0374 gtg IMG_0386 8x12 gtg IMG_0478 16x20 IMG_0481 8x10 IMG_6720 pt 8x12 IMG_6762 16x24 pt IMG_6808 pt 10x10

Baby Kaylee

Little Kaylee was feeling a bit camera shy on the day we had scheduled for her newborn photos. So we went a few days over the official “newborn” stage. But she was much more comfortable and we got some adorable photos of this little cutie.

IMG_0016 8x12 actions IMG_0017 8x10 IMG_0022 gatsby 8x12 IMG_0049 8x8 IMG_6525 8x8 IMG_6552 8x10 IMG_6555 no crop IMG_6563 no crop IMG_6585 8x12 IMG_0051 actions 8x10 IMG_0079 actions 8x12 IMG_0086 cloned IMG_6515 8x12


Little Laylah Monroe made her appearance 4/15/14 at a whopping 6 lbs 6 oz. This beautiful little girl was only 4 days old the day I took her pictures – I was amazed at how alert she was at such a young age. What a proud mom Jessenya must be having 3 adorable  and unique daughters!

IMG_0258 8x12 pt IMG_0272 8x10 IMG_0168 10x10 IMG_0321 8x10 pt2 IMG_0203 10x10 done IMG_0305 8x10 pt ss IMG_0266 8x10 IMG_0180 16x20 final 001 collage (1)IMG_0197 8x12 bw web