Kaylee at One Year Old

Little Kaylee came by for her one year old session . . . with her parent’s hopes that she was over her cold bug. You know how it goes with little ones – seems like they are getting well one day, and then the next, not so much. Mom was feeling like it didn’t go very well – but we did get some good shots of this sweet, adorable little girl.

IMG_8403 12x12 pt butterfly


First Birthday Cake Smash

Well, first we took some pictures. It was fun and challenging getting little Layla to believe that is was fun – she wasn’t always too sure. What would you do if you went somewhere unfamiliar and everyone kept telling you to smile?! When the most yummy looking giant cupcake appeared, that was the best!

IMG_0593 background pt 12x12 IMG_0639 8x10 IMG_0595 10x10 butterflies IMG_0668 10x10 IMG_7224 8x10 IMG_7260 10x10 IMG_7271 8x10 IMG_0685 10x10 IMG_7278 8x12 IMG_0727 8x10 IMG_7287 10x10 IMG_0715 from raw IMG_7320 10x10 IMG_7324 8x12 IMG_0714 8x10layla collage fb