Challenging Photo Restoration

Here is my latest photo restoration. This was the only picture someone had of her grandmother. Part of the photo was stuck to the glass. I had to scan the photo first, then the two pieces of the photo that were stuck to the glass, which caused aberrations because of the thickness of the glass. I then pieced the sections together and then had to patch up the splotches and discolorations. The original is in the middle. If you have a precious photo or photos that you want restored, you can contact me at You can see other examples in my gallery at

before after bonnie e



Jones Family

This is the perfect time of year to photograph here on my property in west Atascadero with all the beautiful greenery surrounding us. Little Connor had plenty of energy as we traipsed around here and there – and he was so excited to see the little tractor, as he Loves trucks and tractors! Two month old Julia was so adorable, and there is definitely no mistaking her for a little girl. Abby did a great job choosing the perfect coordinating clothing, and Ryan was a great sport as we wandered around looking for the perfect spots for the pictures.

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Tyson, Katy and the Twins

Katy and Tyson were married at the Portola Inn in Atascadero, Ca. So what a perfect setting for family pictures with their adorable twins, Emma and Sara. As we know, keeping up with one toddler is a bit of a challenge, let alone two. I think if I asked the girls, their favorite part of the experience it would be the pond with the gurgling turtles. Well, maybe after the bubbles! We were able to take a T break and get a little time for the Katie and Tyson to visit some of the spots that brought back memories of becoming husband and wife.

IMG_6241 8x12 IMG_0115 8x10 IMG_0178 8x12 IMG_0164 8x10 IMG_0026 8x12 IMG_0066 pt web IMG_0070 8x12 window 16x20 overlay

IMG_0151 8x10 pt star IMG_6282 8x10

IMG_0154 8x12 IMG_0145 8x10 IMG_0201 8x10 IMG_0263 8x10 IMG_0250 8x10 IMG_0268 8x10 IMG_6230 8x10 IMG_0207 pt

More than a survivor!

My friend Tamika has gone through the ordeal of fighting breast cancer. The day before her surgery I got together with her and her family for pictures. Turns out, that was the day before she was found to be cancer free! Many adjectives come to my mind, both while being around Tamika, Will, Micah and Julia and as I edit their photos. Courage, perseverance, dedication, unity, humor, camaraderie, devotion, faith . . . I could go on.

IMG_0487 12x12 pt IMG_0489 pt IMG_0491 pt IMG_0493 pt IMG_0502 pt IMG_0507 pt IMG_0512 8x12 pt copy IMG_0545 8x12 pt IMG_0550 8x10 pt IMG_0566 pt IMG_0570 8x12 pt1head swap 8x10 IMG_0556 8x10 IMG_0576 8x12 pt IMG_0591 8x10 pt IMG_0608 12x6 pt IMG_6185 pt IMG_6188 pt IMG_6190 pt IMG_0597 12x6 pt

Sargent Family

This family photo shoot was more than just any ordinary photo shoot. Because I’ve known Celeste forever and thus love her honey and their baby bees. Jeremy took her far far away to Oklahoma, so these days it is rare to get to see them in the flesh. Lucky for me, it was time for their family photos – that meant I got to spend extra time with them, and also take some photos that make me look good because they are all so adorable!

IMG_0199 web IMG_0409 web IMG_0438 web IMG_0443 12x12 web IMG_0126 16x20 web IMG_0452 web IMG_0509 pt sunflare levels web IMG_0480 web IMG_0544  web IMG_0181 12x12 flare web IMG_0489 copy 3 IMG_0176 web collage frame web

Leader Family Reunion

Brian and Linda arranged for their 5 kids, their wives, and their children to all meet up at the Taft Barn in Atascadero, Ca. Especially because their daughter Jen, her husband Michael and their 3 adorable boys were visiting from Michael’s homeland – Australia. Maybe the ultimate challenge for a photographer is a huge family grouping – but there was such a great camaraderie amongst this family that it made my time with them a great pleasure!

IMG_9976 8x10

IMG_9983 8x10

IMG_0043 8x10

IMG_0110 8x10

IMG_0181 8x12

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IMG_9991 8x12

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IMG_0344 8x12 pe

IMG_0207 8x10 pt overlay

I realized that many of the photos from this session epitomize who I am as a photographer. I strive to capture the heart of who people are – not direct people to put on a “smile for the camera”. I don’t want to come away with a series of pictures of people who performed for the photographer – I want to portray people in moments as they interact with each other. And that they will be left with  pictures that years later will evoke emotions and feelings and special memories of their times together.

Fall Family Fun!

Meagan, Dylan and Ayla met me at Summerwood Winery in Paso Robles, Ca. How can you not have fun with an adorable, vivacious two-year old and her fun-loving parents?? Special thanks to my special friend Tonya for her assistance – she really helped make the session especially fun (and I think Ayla fell in love with her . . .) Summerwood Winery was the perfect setting for fall color and festive decor! Be sure and visit next time you go wine-tasting in our area.

fall photos, autumn photos, Summerwood Winery, family photos, fall color

Summerwood Winery, Paso Robles, fall color, family photos, autumn, wine tasting

Summerwood Winery, Paso Robles, family photos, fall color, autumn photos

Summerwood Winery, wine tasting, family photos, autumn photos, fall color

Summerwood Winery, wine-tasting, family photos, fall color, autumn photos

IMG_9919 8x12 vansunIMG_9929 8x12

Summerwood Winery, wine tasting, family photos, fall color, autumn photos, Paso Robles, Ca.

IMG_0670 8x12

IMG_0024 8x12

Summerwood Winery, wine tasting, family photos, fall color, autumn photos, Paso Robles

Summerwood Winery, wine tasting, family photos, fall color, autumn photos, Paso Robles

IMG_0144 8x12

IMG_0045 12x12 pt

Summerwood Winery, wine tasting, family photos, fall color, autumn photos, Paso Robles

I love this little series – Ayla is an adorable little whirlwind – and her parents adore her!