Precious Preservations

So many old precious photos out there that can be restored and preserved digitally forever . . .  Here is my latest project – before and afters:



As well as doing photo restorations, I also do digital enhancing – for instance, for those who had a friend take their wedding photos and they look like it – I can do photoshop magic and make them look more professional. I recently had a friend ask me to clean up the background of a photo she had taken of her little girl because she loved her daughter’s picture. Here is the result.

Kaylee before after

If you have one or more photos that you would like to have “fixed up” you can contact me at for an estimate.

Challenging Photo Restoration

Here is my latest photo restoration. This was the only picture someone had of her grandmother. Part of the photo was stuck to the glass. I had to scan the photo first, then the two pieces of the photo that were stuck to the glass, which caused aberrations because of the thickness of the glass. I then pieced the sections together and then had to patch up the splotches and discolorations. The original is in the middle. If you have a precious photo or photos that you want restored, you can contact me at You can see other examples in my gallery at

before after bonnie e


why I’m a happy mother – Happy Mother’s Day!

My daughter Carly used to hate me taking pictures of her. She finally accepted the inevitable and willingly models for me. We went out recently on a spring day. I had sort of a vision of what I wanted to do, which includes a lot of work in photoshop – going for a very arts look.

I glanced up the hill and caught Zoe watching and got this shot – she’s turned to be a pretty good model too . . .

Two of the shots were taken at Justin Winery in Adelaide – the rest we shot on our property in Atascadero, Ca.


I was recently approached by to advertise my slideshow and photo-editing. I sort of had it on a back-burner – but this has given me a kick in the pants to promote this facet of my business. To be honest – I Love producing slideshows, photo-books and image editing – which I know some people find tedious . . . but I get totally engrossed in the creative process!

So I now have a new website and have begun posting my slideshows and photo-books here on my blog. That is the part of my business that I find tedious and sometimes confounding – the technical part. So it will probably take a bit of time for me to get it “together.”

My listing at

more photoshop phun

My friend . . . well, he’s like a son . . . Nathan is making a new cd.  He asked if I could help with the album cover. With all this rain, it was perfect timing. The name of the album is supernova, and his group is called Naffty. He found a graffiti font he really liked, sent me a photo he wanted to use (he lives across the country from me) — I found an image from space — and then put it all together. I can’t wait till his cd comes out soon. Look for him on YouTube under TheNaffty.

The background. I could have placed a star in his hand, but I decided to flip the image (#2) so that the lighter part would be behind his head and I could use the star in the photo to look like it is in his hand. I just had to stretch the bottom out for more space (# 3).

I took the photo he sent me and put it as a layer under the space photo. I used a blending mode and did some erasing until his body showed through the way I wanted it to.

I then used his font to write out “supernova”. I played around with effects until it stood out from against the background enough. Then I added “Naffty” and used control T and warped it after also using some effects on the text. Sorry about my terminology – I’m not a ps guru . . . I just like to play around until I get a look that I want. Here is the final result.

Here is a preview from the new album!

I’m back

I’ve been doing lots of moving – I switched my website from smugmug to  I’m switching from squarespace to wordpress (for my photoblog).  I think virtual moving is more work than moving to another house!! At least when you are techno-challenged like me. Everything is still in process, but I think I have enough going to start posting again.

I’ve been doing a lot more computer work that photography. I did have my camera with me the other evening when I went to the store. When I came out, the sky had transformed (as it often does at dusk) and pink clouds had formed a pattern shooting out from the moon. I was in a playful mood when I uploaded the images into my computer and here is an image I came up with using my favorite photoshop plugin, OnOne’s Perfect Suite 5.