Photo session with my own dogs

In case you haven’t heard, my dogs are the worst subjects ever for taking photos!


With a little help from my husband (aka The Fun Guy), I actually got a few shots – I think they cooperated because they knew they would soon get play time with the fun guy. The best was when Rex put a piece of cheese on Bella’s paw. The result was pretty cute. I’ve been practicing because I plan on trying my hand at pet photography. So here we have Chill, Bella and Jimi:

Be sure to click on each individual photo to see full size.


Finding Your Gypsy Soul

I’m a photographer – but that doesn’t define me. What’s most important to me in life is relationships . . . with loved ones . . . with friends . . . with colleagues . . . and yes, even with clients. Whether long-standing or not, I love the connection that forms between people, that goes beneath the surface with genuine feelings of well-being towards one another.

So when one of my best friends goes through a battle with breast cancer, I celebrate when she emerges victorious, having fought with courage, dignity, positivity, and yes, even a great sense of humor. And then my creative nature steps in with a vision of how to show through my craft, her beautiful spirit. It kicked in when she shared a poem with me that she had come across that in a lot of ways exemplified where her journey has been leading her.

I thank you, Theresa, for trusting me even though you were unsure as I sort of pushed you along with my camera. Your heart and your sassiness won out over your insecurity and I hope the photos will be a reminder to you of how special you are!

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My Hero

“Do not confuse notoriety and fame with greatness . . . For you see, greatness is a measure of one’s spirit, not a result of one’s rank in human affairs.”  Sherman Finesilver

IMG_0361The flags won’t be flying at half mast today. The story of his passing won’t be told on the nightly news. But for people who knew and loved him, today marks the day we lost someone so very special. He was the guy who would always bring light wherever he went, from visiting his little niece (me) many years ago to the waitresses in his favorite coffee shop – he was so good at making people feel special and at putting a smile on their faces. I could write a book (there’s a reason he’s my hero) – but this isn’t the time and place. So here is my tribute to Robert Lee Brace, Uncle Bob to me. Today he joined his beloved wife Isabel, and I can just see them dancing away to his favorite, Stan Kenton.

I took the photo of him in Atalanta a few short years ago doing a fan dance with a giant leaf, with that smile that I will never forget.   “The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.”  Mencius

Is there someone special to you? If it’s been a while since you’ve seen them, then it’s time to give them a call or a visit.

love . . . and, who really said that?

“When I saw you I fell in love. And you smiled because you knew.   Arrigo Boito

IMG_3991 webThe first time I saw this quote, it was attributed to Shakespeare. To me it was obviously not in his style, so I did some research and sure enough, the actual author was someone else. I wrote about this problem of inaccurate  types of info being spread on my other blog, So next time you re-post something, try to be sure that it is authentic.

I took this picture of a Chinese bell flower (abutilon) in my yard and had fun with it in photoshop.