Christian and Dolores Salgado

There were many highlights to this day, including a reading of their love story from each perspective . . .  But back to the beginning . . . As I turned the bend on 101 towards Pismo, expecting bright blue skies – there before me was the thickest fog I had seen in ages. As a photographer, it made my day, being provided a gigantic softbox knowing that my bride and groom would not be dealing with harsh shadows and contrast from the bright sun. The setting was magical, complete with a gazebo decorated with flowing white material.

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Nick and Suzie

On a hot summer night in August, these long-time sweethearts tied the knot in their hometown of Atascadero. Friends and family attended from near and far and shared in the celebration of their special day.

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Catherine and Zachary Mission Wedding

Aunt Debbie Santucci gave me a call when she got the news that her niece was getting married (sort of out of the blue . . .). Not much notice, but Aunt Debbie made sure that Catherine and Zachary would have a professional photographer to record their special day. They were getting married on a Thursday, and then Zachary was being deployed to South Korea on Sunday, so there was a certain poignancy to the event. I loved the story I heard of their meeting in high school and then here they were getting married at 19 and 20. Ahh, young love!

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Tony and Brooke – Luxury in the country.

Brooke and her wedding party stayed at the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero where they got ready for the big day, and then departed in a stretch limo fully stocked with adult beverages and more from Paradise Limousine Co. They rode in air conditioned comfort out to the venue, The Loading Chute in Creston. The searing temperatures didn’t dampen the joy and exuberance of their celebration of marriage and the festivities that followed.

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Luis and Vaneza

Luis and Vaneza said their vows in a room full of friends and family from far and wide (as far as Germany!) After the ceremony they made their way to Shell Beach Dinosaur Caves Park in the coolest 58 Chevy for a photo session overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. Then, on to the iconic Madonna Inn for a reception that included lots of dancing, toasts, and even a Mariachi Band. A highlight of the evening was when the mothers came forward and shared special words and prayers, along with a few tears.

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