Wedding Music

An on-going collection of music ideas for your wedding. Check back periodically for new content.

Click on titles to go to link. Father and Daughter takes you to a video.

Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

Here is a website for inspiration:   Our Wedding

Marry Me by Train

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

In My Life  A beautiful cover by Andrew Stein

Better Today

Buy Here: BUY SHEET MUSIC here “Better Today” is a song that I wrote with that special someone in mind on that special day.  Coffey Anderson

Ooh-Wee   A fun sort of retro song

Get “Ooh-Wee” by Jonny Blu on iTunes:…/id206121766

Love you to the End   Love You to the End by The Pogues

First Dance Songs   A list of wedding songs on a great blog for wedding resources and ideas

Jason Derulo – great engagement video song  Marry Me

Just found the Best engagement song! I Choose You by Sara Bareilles


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