Jones Family

This is the perfect time of year to photograph here on my property in west Atascadero with all the beautiful greenery surrounding us. Little Connor had plenty of energy as we traipsed around here and there – and he was so excited to see the little tractor, as he Loves trucks and tractors! Two month old Julia was so adorable, and there is definitely no mistaking her for a little girl. Abby did a great job choosing the perfect coordinating clothing, and Ryan was a great sport as we wandered around looking for the perfect spots for the pictures.

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Bitterwater Road

Bitterwater Road, east of Paso Robles, Ca. off of Hwy. 46 E is one of those long meandering country roads that I’m sure lie outside every town. This time of year is the best time to take the time for the mini road trip. I intended to wind up at Shell Creek to get some wildflower pictures, but I pulled over a few times too many and it was too dark by the time I got there. Here are just a few of the many photos I took that day. If you want to see the photos larger, just click on one.

P1000357 pt 16x20 P1000370 16x20 pt gtg

Let’s share the road, please.

P1000377 pt

A roof sitting atop a collapsed structure. I was told later that it used to be a general store.

P1000381 pt 10x20

An abandoned property?

P1000384 10x20 pt

Obviously, I think, no one lives in the house . . .

P1000387 16x20 gtg

I can see for miles . . . Interesting – there is no fencing between the cows and the roadway.

P1000396 gtg pt

Sort of looks like something you would find in Europe. Couldn’t tell if it was once a structure or a wall.

P1000401 car

My trusty steed and some of the gorgeousness I got to observe that day in March, 2015.

Capturing Clouds in California

A cloudy day around here for a photographer is like a ufo sighting – we have to run out and see if we can capture a shot! So on 2-28-15 I took off on my trusty steed down Hwy. 41 E. Perfect time of year because the grasses are still green, and that doesn’t last long around here. A sky full of puffy clouds can turn a mundane country road view into something a bit magical.

clouds, country, country roads, cloudy sky

Cloudy day in San Luis Obispo County, Feb. 2015

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Hwy. 41. E., clouds, cloudy day, landscape photography,

Cloudy Day in San Luis Obispo County, 2-2015

Baby Kaylee

Little Kaylee was feeling a bit camera shy on the day we had scheduled for her newborn photos. So we went a few days over the official “newborn” stage. But she was much more comfortable and we got some adorable photos of this little cutie.

IMG_0016 8x12 actions IMG_0017 8x10 IMG_0022 gatsby 8x12 IMG_0049 8x8 IMG_6525 8x8 IMG_6552 8x10 IMG_6555 no crop IMG_6563 no crop IMG_6585 8x12 IMG_0051 actions 8x10 IMG_0079 actions 8x12 IMG_0086 cloned IMG_6515 8x12

My Hero

“Do not confuse notoriety and fame with greatness . . . For you see, greatness is a measure of one’s spirit, not a result of one’s rank in human affairs.”  Sherman Finesilver

IMG_0361The flags won’t be flying at half mast today. The story of his passing won’t be told on the nightly news. But for people who knew and loved him, today marks the day we lost someone so very special. He was the guy who would always bring light wherever he went, from visiting his little niece (me) many years ago to the waitresses in his favorite coffee shop – he was so good at making people feel special and at putting a smile on their faces. I could write a book (there’s a reason he’s my hero) – but this isn’t the time and place. So here is my tribute to Robert Lee Brace, Uncle Bob to me. Today he joined his beloved wife Isabel, and I can just see them dancing away to his favorite, Stan Kenton.

I took the photo of him in Atalanta a few short years ago doing a fan dance with a giant leaf, with that smile that I will never forget.   “The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.”  Mencius

Is there someone special to you? If it’s been a while since you’ve seen them, then it’s time to give them a call or a visit.

Tyson, Katy and the Twins

Katy and Tyson were married at the Portola Inn in Atascadero, Ca. So what a perfect setting for family pictures with their adorable twins, Emma and Sara. As we know, keeping up with one toddler is a bit of a challenge, let alone two. I think if I asked the girls, their favorite part of the experience it would be the pond with the gurgling turtles. Well, maybe after the bubbles! We were able to take a T break and get a little time for the Katie and Tyson to visit some of the spots that brought back memories of becoming husband and wife.

IMG_6241 8x12 IMG_0115 8x10 IMG_0178 8x12 IMG_0164 8x10 IMG_0026 8x12 IMG_0066 pt web IMG_0070 8x12 window 16x20 overlay

IMG_0151 8x10 pt star IMG_6282 8x10

IMG_0154 8x12 IMG_0145 8x10 IMG_0201 8x10 IMG_0263 8x10 IMG_0250 8x10 IMG_0268 8x10 IMG_6230 8x10 IMG_0207 pt

More than a survivor!

My friend Tamika has gone through the ordeal of fighting breast cancer. The day before her surgery I got together with her and her family for pictures. Turns out, that was the day before she was found to be cancer free! Many adjectives come to my mind, both while being around Tamika, Will, Micah and Julia and as I edit their photos. Courage, perseverance, dedication, unity, humor, camaraderie, devotion, faith . . . I could go on.

IMG_0487 12x12 pt IMG_0489 pt IMG_0491 pt IMG_0493 pt IMG_0502 pt IMG_0507 pt IMG_0512 8x12 pt copy IMG_0545 8x12 pt IMG_0550 8x10 pt IMG_0566 pt IMG_0570 8x12 pt1head swap 8x10 IMG_0556 8x10 IMG_0576 8x12 pt IMG_0591 8x10 pt IMG_0608 12x6 pt IMG_6185 pt IMG_6188 pt IMG_6190 pt IMG_0597 12x6 pt

Another day in Morro Bay

I tagged along with Rex to the dog beach in Morro Bay, and luckily had brought my camera along. Soon after we arrived we saw this para-glider getting ready to take off. I asked him if I could take pictures of him and he was all for it. We watched him get ready for the take off. He circled around and then headed north toward Cayucos. Rex played ball with our doggies and eventually we saw our guy in the sky heading back from west, over the ocean. I had heard there were whales out that way and found out after he landed that he had seen a big group of them. Can you imagine gliding through the sky and looking down way out over the ocean and seeing this!!

Para-glider at the beach in Morro Bay.

Para-glider at the beach in Morro Bay.

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Ben and Loren

I always like to meet with potential clients and get to know them and get a good idea of what they are looking for in their photos. In this case, I was only able to speak with Ben by phone before the session. I was most pleasantly surprised to welcome them into my studio when they arrived and feel immediately good about our rapport.  I like to connect with my clients and make a photo session a fun and relaxed experience. So after chatting a bit, we turned up the music and got started. I was very impressed with their ease and intuitive manner in front of the camera. Before we knew it, we were finished and we enjoyed some more chatting before they headed out.

IMG_0045 bw 16x20 IMG_0055 done IMG_0095 bw 16x20 IMG_0165 pt 16x20 IMG_0172 pt 8x12 IMG_0183 IMG_0204 pt 12x18 IMG_0191 bw 16x20 IMG_0189 bw 16x20 IMG_0234 bw 8x12 IMG_0101 pt 16x20