Toy Australian Shepherd

More cuteness overload! Here is my new session with adorable little Flower. If you have always loved Aussies but didn’t have room for one, here is your solution. I’ve never seen one until meeting up with little Dally not long ago. Flower here is her half sister.


Old Family Photo Restored

I recently was contacted to restore an old photo after my client was told by local print service stores like CVS that they couldn’t help her. She wanted to surprise her dad (the boy in the upper right) with the photo restored for a Christmas gift. I told her, to her delight, that I could do it for her. Here is the before and after.

alyssa volpi before after webIf you have a treasured photo that needs restoration, I’m available to come to the rescue!

Australian shepherd in miniature

I’m loving taking photos of man’s best friends. I’ve discovered that australian shepherds come in 3 sizes – standard, miniature and toy. They also come in a variety of colors, including eyes. We once were lucky enough to be loved by an australian shepherd mix who was the most obedient, loyal, smart and loving dog ever. This miniature named Reba obviously only had eyes for her owner.

Jackie and Chad

I got a sort of last minute request from Jackie recently. Could I do a maternity session very soon . . . because her due date was imminent. Talk about the nick of time! She had baby Chap the very next morning after our session! I’m so glad I was able to fit them in. And hearty congratulations to the young couple and their brand new baby boy.

Olivia Turns One

My friend Ilana has not one but two adorable little girls who I have had the pleasure of photographing since before they were born. Baby Olivia turned one in August, and if we thought Kaylee, her sister, was a live wire, I think Olivia has her beat! After trying to fit in our session because of uncertain travel plans, and the cake not coming through for the cake smash . . . we got in a few cute shots and then cut our losses . . . lol.

IMG_0649 8x10 pt confettiIMG_0663 8x10 ptIMG_0669 8x10 pt oneIMG_0782 8x10 ptIMG_0761 8x10 ptIMG_0663 8x10 textIMG_0643 8x10 pt


Terrace Hill Maternity Session

I had to step back from my photography because of serious health issues that impeded my ability to walk. I’ve since had major surgery that was h*ll to go through, but did restore the circulation to my legs. In the meantime, I’ve been on the fence about resuming photography as a business. Stepping back in after a few years is quite daunting – probably because I set such a high standard for myself and I don’t want to deliver less than the best I can do. In the meantime, I do pick up my camera when I have someone close to me that I can gift some photos. I’m happy to display this maternity session with Erin and Austin. They made my job easy – the joy of their young love and the anticipated arrival of their baby boy Carter spilled over, and all they had to do was be themselves with no prompting from me!

IMG_0287 12x12 ptIMG_0289 8x12 pt etcIMG_0297 12x12 ptIMG_0318 8x12 ptIMG_0431 8x12 ptIMG_0475 12x12 pt gtgIMG_0482 12x12 pt gtgIMG_0488 8x12 pt gtgIMG_0499 10x10 pt gtgIMG_0534 8x10 ptIMG_0538 ptIMG_0561 12x12 clonedIMG_0563 8x12 ptIMG_0566 8x10 ptIMG_0460 8x12 ptIMG_0573 12x12 pt


Photo session with my own dogs

In case you haven’t heard, my dogs are the worst subjects ever for taking photos!


With a little help from my husband (aka The Fun Guy), I actually got a few shots – I think they cooperated because they knew they would soon get play time with the fun guy. The best was when Rex put a piece of cheese on Bella’s paw. The result was pretty cute. I’ve been practicing because I plan on trying my hand at pet photography. So here we have Chill, Bella and Jimi:

Be sure to click on each individual photo to see full size.

Bella and Pebbles

I’m quietly working on getting back to work after some serious health issues. I’ve been thinking about doing more pet photography. I found a step in the right direction doing a session with Linda and her two adorable little dogs, Pebbles, 12 and Bella, 8. Bella belonged to a homeless person who passed away. Linda rescued her and you can tell she was so very loved and will continue to be in her new forever home.

bella pebbles collage final 8x10IMG_0337 basket flowers pt 8x10IMG_0344 bella pt 4x5IMG_0312 bella closer pt 5x7IMG_0245 both toys pt 5x7IMG_0395 linda dogs 2 8x10 pt new